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Basketball players congratulate their mothers.

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Moms are honored all over the world, but the official holiday itself has only existed for a little over 100 years. Every year on the second Sunday in May,  the United States celebrates a wonderful holiday – Mother’s Day. Famous basketball players joined in congratulating their mothers.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Queen!” – This is how King LeBron’s greeting to his mother on Instagram begins. In the greeting, the basketball player thanks Gloria for her care and love. “Just want you to know that it never goes unnoticed! You’re truly a blessing in my life! Enjoy your day, Queen! Love you eternally. “

Stephen Curry decided to greet his mother humorously. He expressed a desire to hug Sonya, but who knows when it will happen, he wrote about his gratitude for all that his mother had given him in life. The basketball player also congratulated the mother of his children, Ayesha, and expressed gratitude for the daily tireless care for them.

Boston Central Enes Kanter posted a video message for his mother on Instagram. The Turkish basketball player admitted that he had not seen his mother for 6 years, and also said that he was worried about the health and safety of his family, but believes that he should continue his career in the United States to provide his family:

Hall of Fame member, legendary center Shaquille O’Neal shared on Instagram who he considers a hero. “My hero is my mom. She’s my hero every day, not just on Mother’s Day! Let me know who your heroes are, “Shaq wrote.

Minnesota Central Carl Anthony Towns posted a touching message he received from his mother at Christmas. Towns’ mother, Jacqueline Cruz, died in April of complications from a coronavirus infection. “My son, it seems that I closed my eyes for a moment when suddenly a man appeared in the place of the boy. After all, I no longer carry you in my arms, but I always carry you in my heart. You are the most pleasant gift that life has given me,” the message reads.

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