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Chris Paul: from an unpaid player to a professional with a few million-dollar contract.

Chris Paul
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The path from unpaid basketball player to a professional with a few million-dollar contract – Chris Paul, in our weekly section.

Before the 2005 New Orleans Hornes signed on a young college player, Chris Paul was barred from working for 2 years at Wake Forest. When he received the first 25,000 of his salary, he just couldn’t believe his eyes. Now the nine-time All-Star is on the list of the highest-paid NBA basketball players according to Forbes. His salary is $ 43.8 million a year. He also receives an additional $ 8 million for working with Jordan / Nike, Powerade, and Upper Deck.

The basketball player lost his head from such unexpected monetary gain. He went to the mall and dropped $ 25,000 at a time. He bought clothes, watches, and accessories. Now Chris laughs at this situation and considers his actions reckless. Another “reckless purchase” of the NBA star is a Cartier watch. “There were so many diamonds on the clock face that I couldn’t say for sure what time it was,” laughs the NBA star.

Chris Paul
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The Chris Paul car park has Porsche, Escalade, Range Rover, and Monte Carlo. But it is difficult for the basketball player to remember the exact number of his cars. The first car the two-time Olympic medalist bought was a coral-colored Cadillac Escalade. The wheels in this car continue to rotate even when the car is stopped. “It is unwise to have such a car. That’s why I gave the car to my mother, ”says Chris.

After so many years in the NBA, the basketball player has become balanced. Paul says his financial decisions have now changed since his shopping and car fun. Now not only Kevin Durant can give financial advice, but Chris can too. “It’s the biggest thing I’ve learned financially: I spend my money on the experience. Early it used to be things – jewelry, clothes, watches. But for me now, it’s an experience. My kids probably don’t remember what I gave them three Christmas’ back, but if I take them on a trip to Spain, they will remember it. “

Chris Paul
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