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Dana White is going to talk to Donald Cerrone about retirement.

Donald Cerrone
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UFC President Dana White is not sure whether Donald Cerrone is strong enough to continue his career. He began thinking about it when Cerrone had a fight with Niko Price. White noticed that Cerrone was about to lose in the first thirty seconds of the fight. Dana White also mentioned that Cerrone was a great fighter, strong and durable. So, their talk will not be an easy one, as White’s decision will likely break Cerrone’s heart.

Cerrone’s career

So, White is fully convinced now that it’s high time for Donald Cerrone to say goodbye to his career. The “Cowboy” can be called a veteran fighter, as he has set lots of records and won many fights.

The total number of fights Cerrone had is thirty-six. He won twenty-three of those.

Nevertheless, since May 2019, he has had no winnings at all. There were four losses – and, probably, this is one of the reasons for Dana White’s decision to talk to Cerrone about retirement.

Before his fight with Price, Cerrone said that he had fallen in love with fighting again. He also explained that all his difficulties were caused by his laziness. He didn’t want to retire, he was thinking about a rematch with Price. Besides, Cerrone understood that he had some problems with his strategy, so he was going to figure out and fix those. For now, it’s yet unclear whether he will have such a chance or not.

A complicated decision

Dana White has mentioned lots of times that Cerrone was a great fighter. Nevertheless, he experienced lots of problems in the past three years, which makes White uncertain about his career. Cerrone said that he wanted his retirement to be his choice, but it fully depends on White.


There is an end to every career, so it seems like it’s time for Cerrone to face the music and quit. Who knows, perhaps he will become even more successful in some other field.

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