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Dream Hack Open Summer 2020 Results.

Dream Hack Open
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The tournament in CS: GO by DreamHack with a prize pool equal to $300,000 in 4 regions, among which were Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania, has just ended.  Due to the pandemic, we were obliged to watch it online but it doesn’t mean that it wasn`t interesting.

FURIA wins

AS for North America and Europe, all the matches were held in a Bo3 (best of three) format. The results aren`t that surprising. In both regions, fan favorites have been winning. As for NA, it was a Brazilian team with a flashy name FURIA Esports that beat Team Liquid with a score of 2:1, winning maps were Nuke (19:16) and Inferno (16:11).

German domination

At the same time, Germans were dominating in the European region. The team called BIG (Berlin International Gaming) first dealt with OG and then enhanced its superiority against Heroic whom they destroyed with a score of 16:11 on Overpass and 16:12 on Inferno. Winners from both regions have gained $35,000 each and the ones in the second place have obtained $20,000 each.

Congrats to TyLoo and Renegades

As for the two remaining regions, they`ve got a two times less prize pool, though their Grand Finals were in a format of Bo5 (Best of five), which were more thrilling but at the same time stressful for the players. The rumble among the Asians was acrimonious. TyLoo snatched victory from Vici Gaming hands and beat them with a total score of 3:2 (winning maps were Vertigo 16:14 and Overpass 16:8).

As for Oceania, winners there are the former League of Legend team now called the Renegades. They`ve defeated Avant Gaming on Mirage scoring 16:12 and on Dust II 16:11). Both winners have a got the money prize equal to $17,500 each and the ones in second place have obtained $10,000.


Dream Hack Open Summer 2020 is the first big event after a long summer break. There`ll also be ESL One Cologne in August, so let`s wish our favorites more loud victories in the oncoming events, and let`s hope we`ll be able to support them live as soon as the restrictions will be lifted.

What are your impressions from the Dream Hack Open?

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