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Long-distance shot by 150-pound basketball player leads fans to euphoria (video)

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Thomas Lee throws a three-pointer, rejoices the fans’ love and boasts a T-shirt from Durant.

In the American Student Southwestern Sports Conference (SWAC) match, the 150-pound player surprised basketball fans by throwing a three-point shot in the final seconds. Real madness broke out began to happen in the stands. A significant moment happened in the game between the Jackson State Tigers and Arkansas-Pine Bluff. The main player was the Tiger’s player Thomas Lee, nicknamed “Snack”.

It is written that Lee coaches the team, but on the club’s website, he is a player. The nickname “Snack” is not related to size. As a kid, he regularly attended basketball training. When he came with his aunt, he gave players various snacks, thus earning the name over 10 years ago.

Lee was released on the playing field in the final minutes of the game when the Tigers led by 20+ points in the score. Lee received a pass from a partner and did not falter, completing the perfect long-distance shot. It is worth noting, that Thomas made his debut for the Jackson State Tigers. In total, he was on the court for 2 minutes and 5 seconds. The shot by the 150-pound player caused euphoria in the stands.

The video garnered 14,000 likes on Thomas Lee’s tweet, not previously on his account. In this video, he tagged the great sports resources of ESPN, Bleacher Report, Sports Center, renowned journalist Stephen AY Smith, and NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who is his favorite player. It helped draw attention to the moment and Lee.

Durant, who is recovering from an Achilles rupture, decided to pay attention to Thomas. “I see u snipe,” wrote Kevin on Twitter. Durant’s post did not stop there. He also sent a “Snack” an shirt autographed/

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