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From the Top to the Very Bottom – What Went Wrong for West Ham.

West Ham
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It’s been a while since West Ham was in its full glory, contesting the top-tier Premier league teams and competing in the Europa League play-offs in the season of 2015-2016. For the last few years, things have been turbulent for the team (to say the least), but not that West Ham is facing relegation, people have started to ask one question. 

What went wrong for West Ham?

Fabianski’s Injury

It’s hard to overestimate a great goalkeeper, and Fabianski certainly falls under that category. The last season’s holder of the Hammer of the Year award (which rewards the finest West Ham player), Lucasz has been an invaluable asset ever since transferring from Swansea. 

When Fabianski got injured during the game with Bournemouth, everyone was frustrated, but nobody expected a disaster. The latter came in the form of a substitute keeper, Roberto, who managed to make the fans so unhappy that they booed him at his last game. 

17 missed goals in two months is a lot. Enough to compromise the stability of West Ham’s standing in the Premier League. Ironically, the team is now in 17th place.

Management Problems

When Manuel Pellegrini was shown the door after a disappointing start of the season in December 2019, everyone wondered whether or not the new coach would bring new hope. But the hope was old.

David Moyes returned to the management seat after not being offered a renewal contract by the West Ham bosses in 2018 (in a public fashion, mind you). The fans saw Moyes as a temporary step towards something better and didn’t take him seriously. 

His results were also far from convincing. The team started off the renewed season with two losses against the Spurs and Wolverhampton, with no substantial victories before the break.

Unreasonable Signing

The way West Ham spends their money has become a running joke. They make million-dollar decisions on what seems like a whim, and neither fans nor results support that approach to signing.

Just take a look at Jack Wilshere, who earns £100,000 in one week while having spent half of the last two seasons in recovery due to various injuries. 

The most recent purchase of Sébastien Haller (£45 million) raised some eyebrows as well. It’s quite difficult to match Moyes and Haller together: an attempt to introduce strategy and hard labor into the mind of a Frenchman who can best be described as talented and ‘chill’ might be disastrous.


Despite dealing with a plethora of hardships at the moment, there’s still hope. Moyes might prove everybody wrong and create a well-oiled machine that utilizes its advantages, but until then, West Ham will be burdened by the controversy around its owners and stressed out by the fans’ discontent with the performance.

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