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He did the impossible. Henri named Messi’s best goal you forgot (+ video).

Messi's best goal
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Henri spent three years with Barcelona and, according to him, admired what the Argentine did. Messi’s best goals can be enumerated in dozens, but the Frenchman remembered that goal that seemed impossible.

In March 2009, Barca hosted Malaga. The hosts won 1-0 during the game, Messi scored the second goal in the game: he trapped the cross top pass from Xavi and immediately threw the ball into his course, not allowing him to go down. At full speed, Leo flew into the penalty area, at a minimum movement bypassed the defender, and shot from the right – there was no time to adjust to the left hit.


“Just watch his every decision in this goal, every action. They seem abnormal: to trap the ball in the air and immediately throw it on the own course, it is easy to get rid of the defenders and shoot in the right corner of the football goal. He did the impossible, ”Thierry said on the Take The Ball, Pass The Ball film.

Henri wasn’t the only one who admired Messi. The Argentine himself, in an interview with L’Equipe, said that he was afraid to look the Frenchman in the eyes when he moved to Barcelona. “On the first day when he entered the locker room, I did not dare to look him in the eye. I saw everything that he did in England, I had a clear idea in my head about who he was and what he could do. And now he was on the same team as me. “

In August, rumors began to circulate that the pair could meet again: according to Diario Sport, Barcelona was considering Henri as head coach. But then the team opted for Ronald Koeman.

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