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How has the coronavirus changed the NBA’s plans?

coronavirus changes nba plans
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The NBA season is going through tough times now. Coronavirus pandemic has been shaking Europe up for a month already and, unfortunately, the U.S. has succumbed to such a problem too. It is official, the NBA canceled all the games due to the virus. No one knows the exact date of its recommencement. It seems to be a crisis, the consequences of which are hard to conceive. However, is it so bad?

The course of events

March 11th. Brian Windhorst, an ESPN reporter, admitted that if only one basketball player came down with coronavirus, the NBA would be in quarantine. A few hours later there was a notification that a Utah Jazz had come down with the COVID-19. Late on this day spectators were made to go home without watching the game in Oklahoma City. The league waived the games indefinitely.

What now?

Sports experts, scientists, and even fans give their predictions on the NBA future. It is understood that nobody can determine the exact day when this is all over. But we may hear the expert’s thoughts. The NBA acknowledged that the period will last at least 30 days.

Vincent Goodwill, an Yahoo Sports reporter shared such an opinion and adds that games would resume in a couple of weeks after the coronavirus infected basketball players have fully recovered. Adam Silver notes that if in 30 days things improved, the Finals would be held in July. He has also issued a message in which he appeals to the fans` understanding. He also said that tickets will be honored when the new date of the game is known.

For that matter, everyone suffers from such a situation. Sportsmen thus get out of shape or lose a chance to succeed in the game. It’s incomprehensible whether such a time out may turn out to be the best for them.  All we can do is follow the news.

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