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Jaguars defensive lineman Rodney Gunter is Going to Finish his Career Because of Heart Condition.

Rodney Gunter
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Unexpected news surprised all fans of American football: Rodney Gunter has announced a retirement from the NFL because of a severe heart condition. Gunter is only twenty-eight, so fans and Jaguars were shocked because of such bad news. Nevertheless, there is no other choice, as his heart condition could be life-threatening if he continued to play football.

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Understandably, it was extremely difficult for Rodney Gunter to make such a decision. He waved goodbye to his team, then explained that this decision is the hardest one he has ever had to make.

It is painful when somebody’s dreams vanish in front of his eyes, but Gunter is sure he has made the right choice. He has consulted several heart specialists, and all of them strongly recommended Guntar not to play football anymore.

Guntar’s aorta is enlarged, so being super active physically could destroy it, which could lead to sudden death.

 Surgery is usually done in such cases, but Gunter doesn’t meet the criteria for now. So, the only thing he and his relatives can do is wait.

Gunter is sad leaving his team, but he is trying to stay positive.

Gunter’s Career

The club selected Gunter to join the Jaguars in 2015. Before this, he played with the Arizona Cardinals. He was available all the time from 2015 to 2019. The only problem he faced during his career was a toe injury. Nevertheless, he recovered very quickly. Considered to be one of the most durable players, he has the following experience:

77 games;

126 combined tackles;

29 quarterback hits;

11 sacks.


Rodney Gunter’s career as a football player is finished for now, but who knows, probably one day he will return and surprise his fans with new achievements.

Even if he will not, such a talented person will certainly find a place in the world.

Have you been a Guntar’s fan? Share your emotions with us in the comments.

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