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Kamaru Usman Defends His Welterweight Title – But at What Cost?

Kamaru Usman
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The Fight Island (well, actually Yas Island in Abu Dhabi) hosted the UFC 251. It brought us plenty of dramatic resolutions, and one of those was the intense bout between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal.

Usman successfully defended his title, but he wasn’t unscathed.

The Win of the Strategy

There were no knockouts in the bout. Masvidal was aiming to strike his opponent and do what he does best, while Kamaru focused on the long-term picture and tried to wear his opponent down. 

Both fighters were successful, at least to an extent. Masvidal threw a bunch of juicy punches, and Usman employed an effective smothering style. 

In the end, the bit-by-bit approach Kamaru went for turned out to be effective. He was picking up points here and there throughout the fight, and he eventually won by an unanimous decision. 

It wasn’t the decision anyone questioned, either. Usman looked in control, with precision and meticulous pressure applied at the right moments.

Masvidal Did His Best to Leave a Mark

Although Masvidal is looking at a 30-day pause due to facial laceration, he might have caused even bigger damage to Usman. The champion’s face is not as heavily bruised as Jorge’s, but his nose might be broken.

Unless cleared by a nasal X-ray, Usman is looking at a 180-day break from fighting to heal and recover. It’s a disappointing turn of events for Kamaru, but at least he can enjoy his potential leave with the welterweight belt on the wall (or wherever he puts it).


The reality of the UFC is that even winners suffer from injuries. Fighters know it, which is why they go all-in on each fight. Regardless of what happens after, they strive to demonstrate outstanding performances at all costs.

Who did you support in this fight?

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