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MLB and MLBPA execute an agreement: what did they agree upon?

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Just like other sports, the baseball crisis is here. It deals with future games and league work in general. MLB and the Players Association (MLBPA) have concluded an agreement defining key points for the season continuation. It is known that games will resume if 3 conditions are observed.

  • No movement restrictions in America and Canada.
  • The opportunity for fans to attend bleachers.
  • Positive medical assessment of the event safety.

By the way, given the current situation, the possibility of these three points is questionable. Even if one imagines that the situation permits the games to be held, this does not mean that such opportunities will emerge throughout America. Besides, new virus outbreaks are not excluded in certain places. Given all this, you might think that this year we should say goodbye to baseball.

However, the agreement leaves some alternatives. For example, Passan believes that it is possible to hold games in specific cities with half-empty bleachers. He thinks that flexibility is laid in the contract and this will make the 2020 season unlike any other.

The organizers will try to hold as many games as possible since it is about profit for everyone – starting from the players and ending at the owners. As for salaries, they will be paid proportionally. For example, if a team plays 81 games, then its income will be 50% of the planned amount. If the season is completely canceled, then the players will receive only an advance of about $170 million.

Moreover, the question of the All-Star Game is still open. According to the previous data, it should be played at Dodger Stadium. However, it is unlikely that we will see this competition since the priority for the organizers remains the task of holding as many games as possible in the shortest possible time.

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