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NBA’s most famous basketball players in life.

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All world is charmed by their skill, their ability to perform miracles on the basketball court. But when the game is over, the TV cameras turn off and the last fan goes home – they become ordinary people, with their ambitions, values, and flaws. So what are some of the most famous basketball players in life?

America’s most famous intellectual sportsman is LeBron James

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None of the documentaries about the stars of the past are without James: everyone knows that LeBron is obsessed with basketball history and the evolution of the game. He is interested in everything related to the past. Not only because it helps him to understand his place. He also focuses on the stars and their achievements. He is simply interested in studying the history of basketball. We all, thanks to LeBron James, are “witnesses to history” as well.

Such an intellectual study of history does not prevent James from being America’s most famous athlete. There are over 45.7 million followers on LeBron James’s Twitter account. It is second only to one athlete in the world – Cristiano Ronaldo (83.3 million). Not only does LeBron write on his own Twitter, but he also reads the answers. Because of this, during the playoffs this season, he gave up his phone and other devices that connected it to the outside world.

The most famous family man in the NBA’s history is Stephen Curry
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The Curry family is probably the most famous in all of NBA history. Many stars met with childhood girlfriends, but Curry broke the record for the rest of the basketball players: Steph and Ayesha met during church service when they were 15 years old. Many star kids are attracting attention, but none of them can compete with the popularity of Riley, the Internet star. A lot of good things can be said for many basketball families, but few are as harmonious as the Curry couple.

The most gambling player in and out of the game is Michael Jordan

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Michael’s passion for rivalry could only be matched by his manic sense of excitement. Among the Bulls players, there was a habit of betting on whose belongings would be the first on the baggage claim at the airport. Jordan won most of the time but there was no luck here. Michael just bribed the guards to make sure they put his baggage on first.

Dream Team training for the Olympics, despite the whole constellation of legendary players, was directed by Michael. The story of him dismissing Isaiah Thomas by blackmailing Chuck Daly with his refusal to travel to the tourney has already become textbook.

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