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Offensive words to Westbrook, a broken leg in Sefolosha, and other cases of racial discrimination in the NBA.

racial discrimination in the NBA
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LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony in addition to being NBA stars, are also African Americans by nationality. These basketball players have repeatedly spoken openly about the problems in society related to racism. Currently, more than 75 percent of NBA players are black. And all these basketball players in some form have encountered discrimination. Today we are talking about cases of racial discrimination in the NBA.

Russell Westbrook has long been a target for insults from fans. He is the most incredible player in the NBA. Because no one evokes such strong emotions from other teams’ fans – they try to provoke him in almost every guest game. Only in the last year, he managed to push away a Nuggets’ fan who shouted at him.

He calmed the child who pushed him. (Also a Nuggets’ fan).

And he got to rid of the Sixers’ fan, who overdid it a bit with his middle fingers.

But the culmination became a racist statement that was addressed to  Westbrook. In the second quarter of the away match against Utah, the married couple shouted at Russell, “Get on your knees, as you used to do.” “I find this statement offensive and racist. This is simply unacceptable in the sense that players are not protected from this. ” – the basketball player commented on this situation. At that moment, Westbrook was unbalanced, he began to threaten fans in response to the insult. He was later fined $ 25,000.

Golden State’s Demarcus Cousins has admitted that he has repeatedly been the victim of racial insults from fans of other teams. “I was called a nigga, and it happened more than once. I reported this to the league. In the case of Russell Westbrook, the situation was much more serious, and he was still fined. I do not understand this. We are the goods. We are promoting this league. When will our security become important? ”

Another case of racial discrimination in the NBA happened in 2015. Atlanta defender Thabo Sefolosha was attacked by several police officers near a nightclub in New York resulting in a broken leg. Sefolosha was found not guilty in court.  He filed a lawsuit against the New York police for his illegal detention.

We have taken some of the best-known cases of racial discrimination. But they became famous because NBA players found the courage to tell the world about such cases. How many times have things like this happened and we don’t know about them were there when they were silent about such insults? We think hundreds. What about you?

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