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Percentage falling into the basket of the game: Will Mitchell Robinson’s field goal percentage make him number 1?

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On March 11, the NBA announced a break for the season for at least 30 days because of a coronavirus pandemic. Club owners and club managers are wanting the season to continue before mid-June. But if the League cancels the regular league games that have not yet been played, then the results of the season may be a bit surprising.

New York center Mitchell Robinson noted that if the league cancels the rest of the regular-season game, it will set a new NBA record in field goal percentage (74.2).

Does that mean I broke the league record of field goal percentage of the season?” – Robinson tweeted.

The record belongs to the great Wilt Chamberlain, who finished the season-72/73 with a field goal percentage of 72.7.

Remember that, the percentage of made shots often depends on the position of the player and his role on the team. For example, the center typically shoot at close range and his percentage will be higher. And the shooting guard attacks from the three points line and so his percentage is typically lower. There are also team leaders that often influence the outcome games and so are guarded heavily at critical points of the game (for example, at the end of possession, or when time is running out) Their field goal percentage can suffer because of this. So such players will wait for a pass and try to take an open shot in order to increase their percentage.

Currently, the Lakers are in 1st in the Western Conference with a record of 49-14, Milwaukee leads the Eastern Conference with a record of 53-12. The players with the most points per game points are James Harden (Houston) 34.4, Bradley Beal (Washington) 30.6, Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee) 29.6.

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