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Reasons Manchester United Should Sell Paul Pogba.

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The winner of the 2018 World Cup, Paul Pogba has been the most talked-about transfer in recent years when he left Juventus for the Red Devils. But as it turned out, the talented Frenchmen might not be the best fit for Manchester.

Is Pogba in His Best Shape?

Most people agree that there is clear potential for Pogba to one day become a legendary midfielder. In fact, he is one of the most exceptional players already, but his performance hasn’t been particularly consistent with MU. 

Pogba missed a big chunk of the 19-20 season due to an ankle injury, but it isn’t the real reason he doesn’t seem to be fulfilling his potential. Even in the best shape, Pogba finds it difficult to shine as bright as he did for his national team.

Arguably, that is due to not being on the same page with Manchester’s previous manager, Jose Mourinho. 

Getting Along With Managers

Pogba employs a somewhat autonomous and free-flowing style of the game, at least when he’s at his best. Mourinho, on the other hand, is insisting on a strict organization in the midfield without too much liberty for any individual player.

The two have often been seen arguing and having heated conversations, and we assume it is the reason Pogba has been substituted and removed from the starting eleven more often than his world-class play deserves. 

It seems like the two just viewed the game very differently. Most unfortunate of all, it seems that little has changed since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stepped in as manager.

Hunted by Other Clubs

Pogba’s manager has been actively open about the player’s dissatisfaction with MU and willingness to move to another league, and there have been multiple clubs who expressed their interest. 

Among them are giants like Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid – and who knows what the new transfer window brings.

Avoiding the Headache

The main reason Manchester should be willing to let the player go is, ultimately, their own best interest. He is clearly not happy with how the collaboration is playing out, and it’s obvious that his contribution to the team is bottlenecked. 

Despite the sub-optimal scenario, it’s still the most reasonable way to strengthen the team’s core with new players and bring them all under one wing. 


Paul Pogba is an exceptional player and his capabilities are undeniable. Right now, he is still one of the most prominent transfer opportunities in the world, which is why it is a good move for both the Red Devils and Pogba to consider utilizing that window. 

Hopefully, Pogba will be able to impress the fans across the world once again, but now at the club level – if put in a more favorable environment

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