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The history and significance of the Super Bowl.

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The origin of the championship Super Bowl game dates back to 1967. Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs had the honor to kickstart a new era in American football. Ultimately, the team from Green Bay won. An interesting fact is that this game was the only one in the entire history of the Super Bowl series that didn’t see a boom among fans and thus didn’t sell. At that time, the event’s name was the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. The name “Super Bowl” was invented and officially introduced 3 years later.

Since the very beginning, fans have witnessed 54 “Big games” with each one being remarkable in its own way. There’s been such a great deal of memorable games that you’ll probably need to watch most of them to be able to pick your favorites.

This year, on Feb 2, all of us could watch the clash between San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Fortunately for the Chiefs, they were much luckier this time than in 1967 as they celebrated the championship and won in the latest Super Bowl LIV.

For over 50 years of existence, the Super Bowl has become an integral part of the American culture and is even said to be an unofficial national holiday of the country. Originally, it was a purely sporting event but until today it has evolved into a grand spectacle featuring world-known music performers. That is why it is now rather a mixture of sports, music, entertainment, and advertising that gathers around the TV screens even those who don’t have a particular interest in the game’s final outcome as some people find the show itself even more enjoyable.

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