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The issue of social justice is an innovation in the NBA.

The issue of social justice
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NBA and union are considering various options that allow players to raise the issue of social justice during the restart of the season in Orlando. In the press has appeared information that one of the options manifestations of not indifference in the NBA – is to allow players to replace the name on their shirts to any slogan.

Oklahoma playmaker and NBA players’ union president Chris Paul commented on the league’s and the union’s decision: “Some believe that the restart of the season will divert attention from this issue, but with the declare on the game shirts it will not happen. The guys I talked to are very happy with this idea. The reason I am so fascinated by this issue is that it gives the right to vote to those who did not have it before. It also gives the guys a chance to shed light on what they are defending at the moment. Otherwise, they might not have been allowed to express their opinion, “Paul said.

The players approved of this decision by the NBA. Some of them have already told what the inscription will be on their game uniform.

Turkish center Enes Kanter published a photo from his first press conference at the Celtics, replacing the name on the T-shirt.

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Can anyone think of a better one for me ? 🤣

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Memphis rookie Ja Morant has shown what word he would like to use to replace his last name on his shirt.

The issue of social justice
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Brooklyn player Spencer Dinwiddie said what he plans to write on his game shirt instead of his last name. “If you’re wondering what I’m going to write on my back, it’s going to be ‘Trillion,” the 27-year-old player said on Twitter.

He later explained that he meant the US public debt, which currently stands at $ 26 trillion. “Our country now has many problems. And I think that the public debt of 26 (ironically) trillion is one of the first places on the list, “- wrote Dinwiddie. Remember that Dinwiddie’s game number is 26. Thus, “26 trillion” will be written on the player’s back.

Well, the players were allowed to be heard, and each of them speaks as he sees fit.

Do you like this idea? What do you recommend to write on the shirt of your favorite player?

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