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The MLB Punishes Ramon Laureano and Alexander Cintron for Conflict in the Athletics-Astros Game.

the Athletics-Astros Game
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The MLB has punished two participants who were in a scuffle that took place last Sunday in the Athletics-Astros Game. Based on the results of the incident investigation, the league disqualified Houston hitting coach Cintron for 20 matches as the initiator of the conflict. Oakland’s outfielder Ramon Laureano, another contributor to the event, was suspended for 6 matches, but after a successful appeal, the Dominican’s punishment was reduced to 4 games.

What Happened?

According to Laureano, the baseball player got angry after Cintron issued insults about Laureano’s mother in Spanish. The conflict, in this case, is in no way connected with the fact that Ramón scored 3 hit-by-pitches during the series with the Astros (including two hits with a ball in this particular game). It also has nothing to do with the fact of the famous scandal around Houston and their theft of signals by electronic devices. Laureano also has no complaints about Houston’s catcher Dustin Garneau, who knocked the Oakland baseball player down at the start of the scuffle. On the contrary, Ramon remained grateful to Garneau, because after both were in the supine position, Garneau did everything possible so that Laureano did not suffer during the scuffle.

Bone of Contention

Laureano has already spoken out about the conflict. He noted that the words of the coach hurt him very much because he was forced to part with his family, who lived in the Dominican Republic and leave for the USA. Ramon says that he is grateful to the family for their understanding and for letting him go to the USA alone. According to the player, he thinks about his family every day and is very happy when he has the opportunity to be with them. The hurtful words about his Mom made Laureano angry the most.

“I agree with the MLB’s decision and will learn from my mistakes,” Сintron said. “I did not insult Ramon’s mother in any way, but I admit that my further actions were impulsive. I apologize to everyone present for the incident that occurred on Sunday,” he says. However, the MLB punished both Ramon Laureano and Alexander Cintron for the conflict in the Athletics-Astros game.

This punishment of the coach is one of the largest in the history of the League. In 2005, Kenny Rogers was disqualified for 20 games for physically injuring two Texas operators.

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