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They Will Do Anything for Baseball: Funny Moments from Players` Lives.

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Spectators love sports curiosities. They remind us that well-trained athletes, screen idols are people like us, and they can also stumble, fall, etc.

In terms of injury, baseball is undoubtedly the most dangerous sport in the world, at least beyond a baseball field. Why? Read on.

We ranked the funny moments that happened to baseball players. The 5th place of our ranking takes George Brett, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  He managed to break his toe when running from the kitchen to the living room to watch a baseball game.

For that matter, some coaches are so anxious about the workout motivation that they just overcarry it. Such a thing happened to Steve Sparks, who is in fourth place. He played for the Milwaukee Brewers, attended an inspirational training, where a speaker ripped a phonebook in half, to demonstrate the strength of motivation. Sparks was so impressed that, on reaching home, he pulled out his phonebook and began to rip it. As a result, he dislocated his shoulder and dropped out till the end of the season.

At that is not all, because even more ludicrous incidents have happened. Oddibe McDowell from the Texas Rangers is in third place. The team management once decided to bring joy to their players and hosted a banquet before the start of the season. Oddibe McDowell got hurt while spreading butter on bread with a knife.

Second place takes Clint Barmes, because he, as well as other players, has become a victim of professional skills. The whole story started with Todd Helton, a player of the Colorado Rockies, who had just returned from hunting one day and shared his prey with his team-mate Clint Barmes. Barmes carried venison home, stumbled, fell down the stairs and broke clavicle. He told then that he could have grabbed the railing, but he held the prey reflexively. 

Finally, first place was awarded to Akinori Otsuka. Two fans simultaneously threw a baseball bat and a piece of paper to him for the autograph. He reacted lightning fast – caught the piece of paper and let the baseball bat hit him. He had to miss several games.

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