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Tyler Alexander Reached the Hall of Fame With His Nine Consecutive Strikeouts.

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Records are quite fascinating. For some, like the longest winning streak, you need to be at the very top of your game for months. For others, like the number of consecutive strikeouts, you need to have a combination of precise luck and specialized mastery. Today we will talk about Tyler Alexander.

Tyler Alexander Makes History

Little-known Tyler Alexander hit the jackpot on Sunday in a game against the Reds. He struck out the first nine batters whom he faced, one after the other, which led him to the hall of fame as he tied another Tigers player Doug Fister for consecutive strikeouts in a game. 

Tigers reliever doesn’t boast impressive strikeout statistics. He was signed in 2015, being the 64th overall pick in round 2 of the draft. His MLB career started last season, in 2019, in which he averaged less than one strikeout per inning. 

How It Happened

Alexander didn’t even start the game. He was a sub for Rony Garcia. The latter started the game by allowing Nick Castellanos to hit two home runs and giving the Reds a 3-0 lead. 

Tyler Alexander was supposed to turn the tables. So he did. All of the first nine batters he faced were struck out. 

The 26-year-old said that he doesn’t usually intend to strike anyone out – but after the fifth strikeout, it became his priority. 

Tyler especially excelled in his slider, something he later said he’s been working on for a while. The ball was spinning like a curveball, which is something not many batters are prepared for. There were a total of 11 swings and misses.


Tyler Alexander’s hat that he wore against the Reds will go straight to the Hall of Fame. If Tyler struck out Moustakas and made it ten consecutive strikeouts, he would have tied Tom Seaver for the number one spot. 

But considering that his career-high strikeouts per game had been nine before Sunday, the record is as bizarre as it is satisfying for Alexander.

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