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Weirdest game interruptions in the NFL.

Weirdest game interruptions in the NFL
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Game disruptions have always been a headache both for fans and organizations. Some of them are caused by people; others are caused by unexpected natural forces. Whatever caused the interruption it`s always a blow for the NFL managers and disappointment for the fans because the game might be stopped for an unknown period of time, canceled, or postponed. Behold the most surprising game interruptions in the NFL.

The nature outrages

The most unpredictable interruption cause is a force of nature, for example, lightning. The New York Jets had an opportunity to experience this. Two of their games in 2010 were interrupted and then postponed due to lightning. The same happened to the Seattle Seahawks in 2013. A bit more polite natural sign that the game isn`t going to happen is snow. The snowing was so disrupting during the clash between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins that the managers had to use the snowplow to not ruin the game. Despite such an interruption, Patriots kicker John Smith snatched the triumph from the mischievous nature hands.

Squirrel’s intervention

Squirrels have become the animals that are most likely to interrupt a game. During the destroying game between the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens in 2011, the small Browns fan ran onto the field and made the rest of their fans forget about the upcoming loss of their beloved team. Such a situation happened both in the NFL and in the minor leagues. Another squirrel became a true sensation during Louisville vs Kent State game in 2017 when it disrupted the game and ran straight for a touchdown.

Crazy humans

Not only animals can purposefully interrupt NFL games. People at least can understand what they are doing. One of the craziest fan interventions happened in 2005 during the game between the Bengals and the Packers on October 30th. Hall of Famer Brett Favre got the ball stolen right from his hands.  The drunk fan who stole it had made an effort to run for a touchdown but the security couldn’t let an encouraging fan finish his plan. The streakers are the weirdest guys who can disrupt the NFL game. They not only intervene in the game but they do it completely naked. The greatest of them is probably Briton Mark Roberts. He streaked onto the field in his birthday suit during the game between the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins in 2008. The only thing he actually wore was a deflated football over his genitals. That`s what happens when the game becomes too boring and good old exhibitionism comes to some people`s minds.


Game Interruptions in the NFL can be caused by different things and can differently impact the game. The most harmful of them are caused by animals or a couple of drunk fans while the most severe are caused by the forces of nature and can not only be bothering but can truly threaten the lives of both players and fans watching the game. The Coronavirus pandemic has become another severe cause that could lead to a delay or even cancellation of the NFL 2020 season. For now, managers are a bit more positive as humanity is just a few steps from the defeat of the pandemic. They stated that the season will start as scheduled, on September 10th. The only exception is international games in London and Mexico City that are not likely to be played in 2020.

Have you ever watched a game with interruptions? How did you feel at that time?

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