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What Will Leipsik Do after the Scandal in the NHL?

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In early May, Leipsik became the hero of the news feeds, finding himself at the center of a scandal. He allowed himself a few, not the most flattering, statements, that led to the fact that the management of the club kicked him off the team. Now society is interested in what Leipsik will do after the scandal in the NHL.

What Happened?

Leipsik allowed himself a series of offensive remarks about his colleagues and their loved ones. For example, the player made ugly comments about the body shape of Tanner Pearson`s wife. Leipsik also said that two of his teammates, namely Garnet Hathaway and Nick Daoud, are losers. Besides, he commented on the photo of Jake Virtanen, a player in the Vancouver Canucks, where he poses with friends. Leipsik wrote that this is the worst team.
Brendan’s words condemned everyone, beginning from his team to the league, not to mention those he offended. Leipsik apologized, but society did not appreciate this, considering his words too harsh. They began to criticize him even more. As a result, he was made to leave the NHL.

Will He Play Again?

Perhaps we are unlikely to see him in one of the NHL teams soon. And if someone is brave enough to take him, and then most likely Brendan will be the cause of dropping ratings among the audience. It is known that Leipsik even complained to the players’ association because the contract was broken, but the striker’s appeal was not accepted. Sources say that now he intends to move to the KHL. News of this spread quickly, and now fans criticize him for such a choice. After the scandal, Leipsik will join the CSKA.
If one does not take into account Lyipsik`s behavior, then he can be quite useful to the team. Although his physical data is a bit “modest” (5 ` 11″ tall, 180.8 lbs.), he is, nevertheless, able to bring great benefits to the team, playing hard and fighting for the puck in the corners.

Do you like Lyipsik?

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