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Who gets the Conn Smythe Trophy in 2020?

Conn Smythe Trophy
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The NHL 2020 playoffs continue and as soon as they end, it’ll be the time for choosing the MVP and awarding the annual Conn Smythe Trophy. The last year award was taken by the St. Louis Blues’ center Ryan O’Reilly scoring 23 points in 26 games. Here we’ve gathered the list of the players that are quite likely to become the MVPs which will grant them the above-mentioned award.

Miro Heiskanen

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Let’s start with the Dallas Stars defense picked third overall in 2017. Miro has hockey IQ and doesn’t play typical for a new-found pro and it’s worth a lot. On this day he has 8 points per 8 games which sounds like a good perspective for him, and if Stars make it to the conference semifinals, it’ll be thanks to a play of this prodigy defenseman.

Reilly Smith

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The Vegas Golden Knights’ right-wing is here not only because of his stats that are equal to 27 goals per 71 games. Smith is the type of person that creates the whole team’s attitude and spirit. He’s a motivator and he’s the one who will certainly make an impact in case the Knights return to the final after a one-year absence.

Carten Hart

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This wouldn’t be comprehensive without a master goalie and there’s no better candidate for this role than Hart. According to Eytan Shander, “The Flyers have a chance to beat anyone anywhere anytime with hart between the pipes.” If Carten keeps the stats on the level of his 6 previous games with a .958 save percentage, 1.24 goals-against average, the Flyers’ success will be fast approaching. It’s especially important if you know they weren’t able to win it over the previous 45 years.

Nathan MacKinnon

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The favorite in our list with 13 points over 8 played games in this season, MacKinnon is believed to have everything in his arsenal to become the Stanley Cup playoffs MVP. The Colorado Avalanches show good results and they have all the chances to conquer this year’s Cup not without the help of their talented center who will be unstoppable if he keeps scoring the way he did over the last games.


Of course, no player can significantly impact the game without the support of his team. Despite this, high-impact players listed here will compete for the title of MVP and the chance of getting the Conn Smythe Trophy. For now, it’s all up to them, and we can never forget about unpredictable events that can turn any of our predictions upside down.

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