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Why Is the Most Popular Sport in the U.S. Still Not Beloved Across the Globe?

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American Football is quite a difficult game compared to soccer, hockey or basketball. Its origin is inextricably linked with the development of rugby and football in Europe.

On November 6th, 1869, in New Brunswick (New Jersey), the Rutgers and Princeton University teams met on the field and played a game, which combined both association football (soccer) and rugby elements. Since then, this date is considered the official birthday of  American football.

Football is without a doubt very popular in the USA. There are several explanations for this. First, it has long been popularized and cultivated as a national sport. While a slightly different kind of football was being played in Europe, Americans continued to cheer for their teams and did not want to change any rules.

Second, football games in the USA are more exciting. It differs from the “gentleman” British rugby in its brutality.

Why is football not so popular in other countries? First, in the twentieth century, there was no standardized set of rules. Thus, it was the British who imposed their rules of the game on the neighboring countries. Comparing the geographical proximity of the U.S. and the UK to Europe, it becomes clear why Europeans preferred “the English style”. Besides, it’s difficult for them to understand how one can play football, kicking a ball only 20-30 times per game.

Second, players need equipment for playing a safe game that comes at a price. For that matter, only a ball is enough in association football, which contributes to its promotion among middle- and low-income people, who are in the majority.

To sum it up, the NFL is the most profitable American League that, by the way, was discussed in our previous materials. Fortunately, the organization has the most important thing – resources, which can be invested in future football popularization. For example, football is the most successful in England and Germany. The NFL holds regular games in London, where, surprisingly, a new local team may be soon created. 

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