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205 Fights in 204 Games: Tough Guy Who Became a Boxer

Guy Who Became a Boxer
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Steve Bosse, like any Canadian, was very fond of hockey. However, he appreciated the fights on the ice more. Thus, he is a tough guy who became a boxer.

Tough Guy on Ice

At 21, Steve Bosse became a member of the Verdun Dragons. The team played in the North American Hockey League (LNAH) – the cruelest but popular one, where the fights were no less important than the game. Moreover, fans appreciated the games because fight scenes were a cool bonus. Having 10-12 battles per match were a common thing.

Guy Who Became a Boxer
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Bosse quickly became a favorite with the public as well as the most successful tough guy. Chunky Steve knocked out opponents one by one. By the end of his hockey career, he had 205 fights in 204 games.

Steve Bosse admits, “I had more than two hundred fights on the ice. Now I have three fights a year – and this, of course, is much easier. I was not a hockey player; I was a fighter in hockey equipment.”

Interest in Martial Arts

 In 2007, the president of the TKO Major League promotion invited the hockey player to start his MMA career. Bosse agreed.  He debuted on June 1st, 2007, at TKO 29, knocking out David Fraser in two minutes. Meanwhile, during the recovery from surgery, Steve realized that he no longer wanted to fight, and returned to hockey playing for the Laval Saints.

Guy Who Became a Boxer
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However, Bosse decided to get back to MMA again and signed a new contract with the UFC, where he made his first appearance in the summer of 2015 at the UFC Fight Night 70.  Then again, on February 15th, 2018, Steve made his boxing debut as well: he knocked out Julio Cuellar Cabrera in the second round. Thus he turned out to be a tough guy who became a boxer.

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