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5 Unknown Facts about Drew Brees.

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - OCTOBER 27: Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints looks on against the Arizona Cardinals at Mercedes Benz Superdome on October 27, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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When it comes to the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, everyone immediately starts talking about Tom Brady and Payton Manning. However, no one remembers a modest guy, wearing number nine, who plays for the New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees.  He also deserves the spotlight. Here are 5 unknown facts about him:

1. Playing his first playoff game, Drew Brees, got a crucial ligament injury. He recalls that when he heard the diagnosis, something inside of him died, and he was going to say goodbye to his career as a football player. But then he put himself together and took it as a personal challenge. Brees worked hard to get in shape and regain all the lost weight.

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2. Going to church helps him cope with stressful work and life problems.  He can be alone there and think about his purpose in life. It was after the injury that Drew became churchgoing. He believes in God.

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3. It seemed that after a brilliant career at school, Brees would receive plenty of invitation letters to universities from all over the country.  Nevertheless, Drew got only two offers –from the universities of Kentucky and Purdue. The reason for this was the old injury which caused him not to go very fast on the football field.

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4. Brees provided funding for large-scale projects to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. For instance, he helped one school. Drew not only fully funded work on all the buildings but also used to come and help the builders himself. Now, this school stadium is called the “Brees Family Field”.

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5. This is weird, but Drew`s son is a basketball fan. Brees just recently asked Stephen Curry for a jersey for his son. Drew has posted on Instagram a video in which 7-year-old Cullen throws a ball through a hoop from a long distance. Then he does Curry’s signature moves.

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