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New NHL changes: GPS in players’ uniforms and pucks which change color.

New NHL changes: GPS in players’ uniforms and pucks which change color.
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Want to know how fast the puck flies after a throw? Or how many miles per match does a top hockey player drive? New NHL changes will make it possible to keep statistics online.

The technological revolution began in January 2019. At the Vegas vs San Jose match, BetGenius unveiled a program that keeps track of new statistics. One of the customers is the US bookmaking industry. There is a GPS attached to the players’ sweaters. They have inserted microchips into the pucks – it receives more than 10,000 data per minute in one match. The working name is “Player and Puck tracking technology”.

The second innovation is tracking. While driving, the hockey player and puck are highlighted on the screen, making it easier to keep track of the game.

The NHL All-Star Game (2020) in St. Louis became the first major venue to showcase the Player and Puck tracking technology. During the master show,  players put on a microchip that transmits game data about hockey players and puck online. Technology has made it possible to track several indicators at once:

– Player speed;

– Time spent on the ice;

– Place, where they often hit the gate and give passes.

Also, as part of the presentation of the new technology, online statistics could be observed during a speed master class. The winner, Mathew Barzal, clocked 24 miles per hour, and everyone with smartphones could instantly appreciate it.

New NHL changes: GPS in players’ uniforms and pucks which change color.
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The pucks that change their color depending on the temperature is the third innovation in the NHL. The hotter the puck, the worse it slides, the more it “drills” on the ice. To reduce such problems and increase game speed, a PPG puck was introduced that changes color when it gets hot.

Interestingly, the NHL has already done some testing that showed that people who bet on sports watch an average of almost 20 games a season more than regular fans. Therefore, the cooperation of bookmakers and the NHL has a mutually beneficial exchange. One of them gets interested viewers, another increase in the number of sports bets.

Not only did the NHL make new changes, we previously wrote about the new Inter Miami logo

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