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5 bouts of boxers against MMA fighters.

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It`s quite common when boxers challenge MMA fighters and vice versa. The outcome might differ, but the fact that such a fight is a trial for both fighters and it might end in many different ways is indisputable. It’s worth remembering the fight of McGregor against Mayweather, which ended badly for the Irish fighter. Here we gathered less known fights, which will nevertheless be gripping for MMA and boxing fans. 5 bouts of boxers against MMA fighters bellow.

Mercer vs Silvia

Ray Mercer was an Olympics box medalist and the WBO heavyweight champion back in 2009. Tim Silvia was a high-skilled wrestler and UFC champion. The fighters had 15 years difference, and Mercer was about to retire, but he accepted the challenge from the MMA fighter. The bout didn`t go beyond the stance and lasted only 9 seconds. One well-placed overhand put Silvia on the canvas and showed that the exchange of blows with a professional boxer is a bad idea.

Couture vs Toney

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The honor of the MMA was avenged by the legendary grappler and 6-times UFC champion Randy Couture. His opponent was the 3 weight class IBF champion, James Toney. Tons of trash talk from Toney has slightly transformed into execution in the octagon. Couture held him in a full mount for the whole fight and submitted a boxer in the 3rd minute of the first round. The bout was criticized for being a freak show fight, but the true MMA fans know that the only thing you can actually do against Couture inside the octagon is to beg for an easy end.

 Silva vs Cesar

Only a few people know that the legendary UFC middleweight Anderson “Spider” Silva started his career as a boxer. He lost his first fight to Texeira in the 2nd round by a technical knockout. Silva`s 2nd fight was against his compatriot and the debutant Julio Cesar. Striking has always been a strong side of Silva, and the fight turned into a beating, which ended in the second round.

Belfort vs Neves

Victor “Phenomenon” Belfort is known for his tremendous career in the MMA. Despite all this, he had one fight in boxing against Josemario Neves, who had a slight height advantage. Belfort wasn`t disrupted by this fact, and his precise and damaging strikes knocked Neves down 3 times. After the 3rd fall, the judge stopped the fight to protect Neves from a more severe beating, which he obviously couldn`t stand.

Pulver vs Vincent

Jens Pulver was a UFC champion back in 2001-2002. He was a grappler but still wanted to try himself out as a boxer. In the 4th-round fight against the dangerous Steve Vincent, he was losing, but a sudden knockdown evened out the score, and Pulver won by the judge`s decision.


Fights between the boxers and the MMA fighters draw attention because they are unpredictable. Our observation shows that MMA fighters feel comfier inside the boxing ring, no matter if it`s a striker or a grappler, but let`s not underestimate the value of one well-placed shot and knockout power, which is inherent to the boxers.

Do you like to watch such fights? Share with us your impressions.

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