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Michael Jordan – A Disgraceful End of His Career.

Michael Jordan
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Michael Jordan is known to all as a great basketball player. However, he also had business ambitions that led to the disgraceful end of his career.

The Star of the Team

In January 2000, Michael Jordan returned to his home club after leaving the league, as a co-owner and general manager.

Michael had great authority in the club and appointed his acquaintances to main positions. It is worth noting that he did not achieve much success, but his name being among the top managers of the team helped make the franchise more popular. Seeing all this, Michael decided to come back and began playing for the team again. He did so for two seasons.

His results were amazing, given that Jordan was about 40 years old. On average, he used to score 20 points.

Big Ambition

Michael did not want to leave the club and made a verbal agreement with the team`s owner Abe Pollin. It was believed that the player would take over the leadership position and would get stuck in the franchise. However, Pollin fired Jordan from the club. Jordan was very offended, and, as Pollin’s widow recalled, even swore in a conversation with the owner.

In fairness, Michael was not a brilliant shareholder, but he brought Pollin a lot of money, playing for the team.

Dreams Come True

In 2006, Jordan bought shares in the Charlotte Hornets, and, after four years, he bought out a controlling interest. However, he failed to build a strong team. The Charlotte Hornets rarely ever make it to the playoffs. It turns out that Michael is better at playing than at managing. Perhaps Pollin was right in considering Jordan a mediocre shareholder, but he made the end of Jordan`s career disgraceful, which looks cynical.

Do you know this fact about Jordan? Which Jordan do you like most? As a basketball player or as an owner?

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