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Brendan Allen Might Be Out Until 2021.

Brendan Allen
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Last weeks were hard for Brendan Allen. On Saturday he demonstrated admirable resilience and earned a victory in a bout against Kyle Daukaus. But Kyle didn’t give up the win very easily. 

The fans enjoyed the exhilarating dynamic inside the Octagon, but it came at a cost. Allen might sit out the rest of the year due to numerous injuries. 

Not an Easy Fight

Both contenders earned the fans’ appreciation. The fight went back and forth between Allen and Daukaus, with the latter attempting to tilt the scales in the last frame after Brendan dominated the first two. 

Brendan used a knee kick to drop Daukaus to the ground, but it just began a tough brawl on the ground after Kyle took Allen down. 

What seemed like an equal exchange of blows and elbow hits resulted in Kyle Daukaus bleeding. Eventually, the win was granted to Allen by a unanimous decision.

Small Injuries, Big Consequences

Allen’s manager, Brian Butler, shared the news on Twitter. Brendan came out of the fight with a total of three fractures in his nose and one in the orbital bone. It is very likely, according to Brian, that it will take up to six months for him to recover.

Ironically, Daukaus does not seem to have suffered significant injuries despite being the weaker fighter that night. 


Allen is still in a good spot. He’s had a streak of seven consecutive wins, and he expressed the desire to face Ian Heinisch, who is sitting in the 13th position in the middleweight category. 

When Allen recovers and gets into his best shape, he’ll have a vast array of exciting opportunities in front of him. His plan is to compete at 205lbs. 

Which upcoming middleweight fights are you waiting for the most? Let us know!

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