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5 MLB Records.

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Baseball is the only game that can be characterized only by statistical data. In the 150-year history of the league, some players set the still-unbroken records. Let`s have a look at them.

Tai Cobb-Klam and his 366 BA (batting average)

One may compare Tai Cobb to the greatest players in baseball history. His batting average is unbelievable. Thus, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to demonstrate such a strong and stable game. In fact, the task gets complicated as the careers of modern players last 15-17 years, impairing one`s chances of beating the Cobb-Klam`s record.

Pete Rose – 4,256 hits

Pete Rose ruined his career due to gambling, making bets on horse racing and games of his team, which was strictly forbidden.

However, he remains the best player in the Cincinnati Reds’ history. He accumulated 4,256 career hits in 1963-1986. To achieve such a result, current players need to collect 250 hits every season for  17 seasons.  Furthermore, if one of them succeeds, Rose will still be ahead by 6 hits anyway.

Nolan Ryan – 5,714 strikeouts in his career

What can we say about him? He spent 27 years in MLB, never got injured and had an incredible talent. We doubt whether it could be beaten one day.

Mariano Rivera – 652 saves

He is the best closer in baseball ever. Neither Chapman, Jensen nor Kimbrel can even get closer to Rivera`s results. The most significant of Mariano`s achievement is 652 saves.  By the way, 52-year-old Trevor Hoffman, who is in second place, can boast of 601 saves. Furthermore, Hoffman and Rivera are the only closers who have collected 500 saves.

Rickey Henderson – 1,416 stolen bases

Henderson is the fastest player. His speed and intuition helped him become the first and the only player who managed to steal more than 1,000 bases.

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