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Brutal Manson Beats Again During Play (+ Video).

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Since the beginning of this majestic game, ice hockey and fights have been inseparable concepts. When there are contact, courage, and aggression, there will also be secondary effects, there will be fights. Today’s NHL promotes violence and condemns it. And society considers fights to be a wrong thing, but that’s exactly what it wants to see.

One of the last league matches between Vancouver and Anaheim seemed hot. Why is this game worth attention? Swedish genius Elias Pettersson scored again. The Ducks simply trampled their opponent and shipped five pucks to the team from the playoff zone. The second period of the game presented a cool fight.

At first, it was difficult to say what caused the fight. But we are ready to tell. At the end of the second period, Derek Grant dropped Mike Smith on the ice, after this the fight began. Garnet Hathaway grappled with Grant. Max Jones met Pettersson tough and Vancouver guard Tyler Myers did not like it. He went to intercede for a partner, grappled with the nearest to him Anaheim player  (it was Jacob Silverberg), and then Josh Manson “flew” into the fray. Here’s what came out:

Probably the 104-pound Vancouver quarterback didn’t think that his colleague and master of hockey fight Josh Manson was on the ice. Manson is 3.94 inches lower and ten pounds lighter than his opponent. But it didn’t help Myers. Anaheims’ defender pulled him away with one hand and struck a powerful kick to the head with the other. Yes, that was a good right hook.

As a result, Hathaway was removed from the game by the end of the match. Manson received a five-minute penalty for the fight. Grant was removed for the fight and attack by a non-puck player. Myers’ health is fine, and Manson is unlikely to be disqualified. However, the security department may look into this episode.
 Manson loves fighting during games. Under his hot hand, Roman Polak Michael McCarron and Mark Giordano had previously fallen. Josh Manson was also fined $ 2.5,000 for a “cut through the throat” gesture to Toronto forward Nazem Kadri.

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