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Adams Admits that He Wants to Try Out for the Cowboys. Will Dallas Hear Him Out?

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Safety for the New York Jets, Jamal Adams, has previously demanded a switch to another team. However, now he wants to try out for only one team – the Cowboys.

I’m Trying, Bro.

A video appeared on social networks in which a Dallas resident sees Adams in his Mercedes and asks, “Are you going to Dallas?”  Adams replies, “I’m trying, bro.”

According to ESPN, the Cowboys are on the list of 7 teams that are interested in Adams. However, that is not surprising – he grew up in Dallas and went to school there, which is 31 miles from the home stadium of the NFL team.

The Jets have not yet allowed other teams to negotiate with Adams, so any talk with him is to be regarded as a violation. Although, when did that stop anyone?

On the other hand, Adams can wag his chin all he wants, but he has two more years under the contract with the Jets. Besides, the Cowboys have only 11 million available in the payroll.

Additional space for switches can be freed up, for example, by signing a long-term agreement with quarterback Dak Prescott. But this is a whole other ball game.

What About the Jets?

There are rumors that the player wants to become the highest-paid one in the NFL, and, according to the team. They say that he counts on 17 million dollars per season. Such ambitions can become a stumbling block.

Former Jets` player LaDainian Tomlinson believes that Adams should stay on the team. Also, he is confident that Jamal is just trying to raise the total amount of his salary in the next contract. 

Let’s see what Adams chooses. Maybe, he only pretends that he wants to try out for the Cowboys.

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