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The Houston Texans are About to Go All-In for Deshaun Watson’s Good.

Houston Texans
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It seems that Bill O‘Brien, the head coach of the team, is in a difficult situation. He is doing his best to strengthen the defense and provide protection for Deshaun Watson with whom the Houston Texans are about to go all-in.

Young Talent

Watson first entered the field in the second half of the first match of the 2017 season. For every 100 pass, he threw 9.3 touchdowns – he would become second in this statistical category if he scored enough attempts to sample. The player broke through the defense lines like smoke, combining the athleticism of a 22-year-old rookie with the endurance and experience typical of players 10 years older.
Fans now believe that the current coaching staff limits Watson’s ability, just like Mark Jackson did not let Steph Curry’s talent come to light in the Golden State Warriors. The Texans, indeed, did not want to kill Watson’s career like what happened to Curry who was sacked 208 times, which exhausted him.

Extreme Makeover

The Texans devoted the entire off-season of 2019 to strengthen the attack line. In the first round of the draft, they took Titus Howard from Alabama, in the second – Max Sharping. And on the last day of August, O’Brien once again surprised everyone by giving two picks in the first round of the draft and one in the second round to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for Laremy Tunsil, the elite left-wing tackle, that was supposed to protect Watson.

The young franchise has finally got a player in the person of Deshaun Watson to whom the team wants to propose a record contract and is ready to rebuild the entire composition of the team to ensure his safety on the field. Keeping Deshaun healthy and satisfied with the teamwork for the next ten years is a priority for management. The Houston Texans are about to go all-in for Deshaun Watson`s good.

Is Watson really so valuable to the team?

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