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Is the MMA Still Too Dangerous?

Is the MMA Still Too Dangerous?
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The Barbaric days. When the UFC first appeared on people’s TVs in 1993, the tournament had barely any limitations. You weren’t allowed to bite, with eye-gouging and groin striking concluding the shortlist of limitations. That was it. Is the MMA still too dangerous?

Although some of the fans were definitely enthralled, it was pretty clear that the rules had to change. It took the likes of the legendary referee John McCarthy many years to implement all-encompassing safety measures, and it happened through trial and error. 

Whenever something dangerous happened in the Octagon (like someone leg kicking their floored opponent), it was restricted during the next event. Things like weight classes, time limits, and other measures were added with time, and for most people, it seems like the MMA rules have reached their final form.

Vitor Belfort’s Stance on Safety

But not everybody is so sure. Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort is no stranger to the Octagon, boasting an impressive track record of 41 professional fights and two championship titles, he thinks there are ways to improve the way fights play out.

Oblique Kick

The technique in question is called the oblique kick, and it is basically a push kick, with the knee pointing outwards, aimed to hit above the opponent’s knee and often utilized by John Jones. 

Despite not being a common tool in the MMA arsenal, the kick is an underestimated technique, both in effectiveness and in danger, according to Vitor Belfort. The latter claims that the thing to consider here is the ligaments. They get injured much less frequently, but there is a high degree of danger to the fighter’s ability to compete afterward.

For example, Thiago Santos has been sidelined for unknown reasons for almost 12 months now, and Belfort alleges that it’s all due to the ligament injury caused by Jones’ oblique kick.


We don’t know the exact extent to which the oblique kick has the potential to ruin or halt someone’s career, but we do know that there’s no obvious counter for it. 

Legs are not considered the most fragile parts of the body. But when you watch the recording of the fight between Roufus and Kiatsongrit, you’ll see just how crippling and devastating leg hits can be. By the end, Roufus couldn’t even stand!

Let us know your position on whether or not the oblique kick should be banned.

Should the oblique kick be banned?

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