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Who else besides Irving doesn’t want to resume the season? And why?

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«COVID-19 draws a line between real hoopers and the fake ones», Ryan Hollins wrote on his Twitter page. In this post, the former NBA center expressed his opinion about the players who want to refuse to participate in the restart of the season in Orlando. There has been a small split in the NBA community between those who want to play in this season no matter what and those players who don’t. Irving, of course, took one of the key positions, but not only him.

The main opponent of the trip to Disneyland was Kyrie Irving. Irving is vice president of the NBA trade union and one of the most extravagant thinkers in the League. We wrote about it in our previous articles. He initiated a remote conference to discuss the unconditional support of the club plans by the trade union. Not all players voted for the plan, only team representatives and union leaders (who approved the idea of restarting the season unanimously – 28-0), but it turned out that about 100 basketball players for various reasons do not want to play in the tournament.

Lakers defender Avery Bradley also called for a protest. He spoke immediately after Kyrie Irving. “Being loyal to my teammates and the club, I play basketball for my family. And therefore, at such a time, I can’t imagine that I would make a decision that could expose the health of my family to even the slightest risk. ”– said Bradley.

Due to such a large number of basketball players who unexpectedly supported Kyrie, the situation turned out to be more than ambiguous. Sources say that those present are aware of the originality of the new leader and appreciate not so much his “message” as the fact that he offers an alternative vision of the situation and allows them to express themselves.

“Kyrie has his themes in which it is not of this world, such as” The Earth is flat. “But as for the restart of the season, to be honest, I think his words make sense. Many players agree with him. That’s why he organized an online conference to find out how many players want to go to Orlando and how many don’t. “ – John Wall expressed his opinion.

ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski expects that in the near future we will know which players refused to participate in the restart of the 2019/20 season in Orlando. “I think there will be more players who decide to skip the restart of the season for various reasons.”

We hope that the NBA leadership, which is trusted more than the previous leadership, will make the best decision that will suit everyone’s interests. And we will keep you informed of all the events in the basketball world!

Who do you support? Those who are in favor of resuming the season? Or those who are against?

What do you think?


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