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The most promising picks of the NFL 2020 draft. Who are they?

NFL 2020 draft
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The NFL 2020 draft was the first one in the history that took place online due to the coronavirus outbreak. The draft was held via videoconference this year, and it has decided the fate of 32 talented players that were picked in the first round of the draft. The most promising of them are presented below.

Jeff Okudah

NFL 2020 draft
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Okudah was called the most gifted cornerback in the 2020 draft. He ended up the 2019 season with 34 tackles, 9 passes defensed, and only 3 interceptions.  Jeff has got a noble Jim Trophy award for the previous season, and he decided to forgo his final year in college by declaring to the NFL draft. As a result, he was picked 3rd by the Detroit Lions. The team is planning to improve its offensive powers, and Okudah is predicted to be the key element of it. Matt Miller describes Okudah as a clean player and believes that this guy is a good investment.

Andrew Thomas

NFL 2020 draft
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A 21-year old offensive tackle from Georgia. This young man is an example of size and efficiency. With a total weight of 315 pounds (143 kg), he is able to complete a 40-yard dash in only 5,22 seconds. Thomas skipped the 2020 Sugar Bowl, the same as his senior year in college, and entered the draft. He was picked 4th by the New Your Giants. He`s predicted to use his incredible moving skills to move defenders off their spots and finish in space. Thomas is getting better year by year, and experts tend to believe that he`s very likely to become one of the best offensive tackles in modern NFL history.

Tua Tagovailoa

NFL 2020 draft
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Tua used to play as a quarterback for the University of Alabama football team. He was named an MVP for the 2017 and 2018 seasons and won an already mentioned Maxwell Award and Walter Camp award. Despite a hip injury, the Miami Dolphins have expressed the desire to draft him, which at the end took place during the 2020 draft. Tua is likely to play all 16 games during the next season. Some people believe that he`s going to lack some experience at first, but it can be easily compensated by his skills and incredible willpower. Experts say that Tua might become a signal-caller that will make the Dolphins` future much more optimistic.


As you can see, the 2020 NFL draft includes the best of the best. Not a surprise that top-class NFL teams have drafted them in the very first round. The amount of the players picked over the whole seven rounds is 255 high-skilled and talented athletes. Those presented above are not only good players; they are those who are called the game-changers. It`s a kind of player that changes the whole teams` destiny.

Which of these football players do you like the most?

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