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Why Has Irving’s Statement Provoked Public Anger?

 Irving's statement
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Kyrie Irving, a back-court player of the Brooklyn Nets, was unable to propose a concrete plan of action. It seems that Irving’s statement has provoked public anger, as he could not answer the players’ questions about the future of the league.

What Is He Up To?

Irving invited his colleagues to create a new league that would have nothing to do with the NBA. Avery Bradley, a back-court player of the Los Angeles Lakers, has become one of those who have supported such an idea. However, league superstars, including LeBron James, with whom Irving has a strained relationship, do not endorse his initiative.

If King James Says He Will Play, Then We Will Do As Well

ESPN presenter Will Cain believes that Irving only provokes racism. He says, “So, if we talk about justice, and someone doubts the truth of the words, then this person can immediately be considered a racist?”

LeBron James said he was ready to go to Orlando, no matter what, and his words were influential with the other players. Patrick Beverley, who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, posted on social media, Players can say whatever they want, but if King James says he will play, then we will do as well. It’s not personal, it’s just business.”

Irving Considers Him to Be a Patsy

Irving’s statement has provoked public anger because many believe that being an ardent revolutionary, has always been fashionable. Another thing is that for Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, the struggle for equality was a deal of a lifetime. However, for Kyrie Irving, it seems like an opportunity to hype.

Journalist Brandon Robinson reports that Irving takes criticism negatively and considers himself to be a patsy.

Well-known expert Skip Bayless believes that Irving’s initiative to stop the restart of the NBA season is due to the personal rivalry with the main star of the league, LeBron James.

“All this looks like he tried to challenge LeBron and say to him: Hey, look, I can do it too.”

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