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Why should the League take an unprecedented step for Armando Galarraga?

Armando Galarraga
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Armando Galarraga was not an outstanding pitcher, but one moment in his short career in the Premier League we will remember forever. On June 2, 2010, the Venezuelan starting pitcher, then playing for Detroit, almost earned a “perfect game” in a memorable meeting with the Cleveland Indians. Only one out was not enough for Galarraga’s “perfect game” when Jim Joyce’s terrible mistake as an umpire prevented Armando from leaving his bright mark in history forever. So Galarraga asked the League to change Joyce’s decision.

Well, judges are also people, they can be wrong. In all fairness, Joyce, who was considered one of the best umpires in the game during his refereeing career, immediately admitted the mistake, lamented, scolded himself, and even cried in public. Galarraga and Joyce became friends after that moment, and it’s good that the pitcher does not hold a grudge against the judge.

And so, almost 10 years later, Armando Galarraga suddenly demanded that the league do an unprecedented act and cancel Joyce’s erroneous decision in retrospect, thus recognizing the existence of a “perfect game” in the career of the former pitcher. Interestingly, Joyce supports Galarraga in this impulse, believing that such a review would be correct.

Is it realistic for MLB to meet Armando?

Now innovations rule the world, and the League is not far behind in this sense. In the ten years that have passed since then, MLB has introduced an instant playback system that allows you to view many gaming processes. If the disputed contest was played today, the wrong decision would be canceled immediately within a few minutes. This fact caused bitterness in Galarraga, who now wants the return of his ideal game.

In an interview with The Athletic, he recently explained: “I wanted to say what can I do to have a better end to this story? How can Major League Baseball not give me the perfect game? Because it was great, right? ”

But Galarraga’s wish is unlikely to be granted, as the MLB never breaks with the tradition of interpreting the history of baseball, so to speak, “in fact”. Also, theoretically correcting Joyce’s mistake will immediately cause a wave of requests to change someone else’s mistakes, of which there were many in the history of baseball.

What do you say, friends, should MLB worth making concessions for Armando? We are interested to hear your opinion!

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