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Durant vs Perkins. Tears in response to accusations of betrayal.

Durant vs Perkins
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Durant vs Perkins. Former NBA center Kendrick Perkins has criticized Brooklyn defender Kyrie Irving for calling to refuse for a resumption of the season, as it would divert public attention from discussing social inequality.

“We’ve only been discussing Kyrie Irving for the last few days. Yes, Kyrie Irving, you are distracting us. You are distracting in this situation. It’s just crazy. You didn’t consult with union president Chris Paul and union executive director Michele Roberts, you just go out, gather a group of guys, and say, “Let’s not play,” Perkins said on ESPN’s Get Up!

Irving’s teammate on the Nets, Kevin Durant, immediately reacted to Perkins’ words. He wrote “sell out” and added a moment with Kendrick Perkins, who did not throw the ball into the ring.

The former NBA player’s first reaction to such an accusation was anger. He also went on the social network and threatened to tell the whole truth about the insidiousness of Irving and his friends. “Mother fuckas, better be cool and chill, because I honestly took it to light on Kyrie today. When I really could expose ####### that his going on the phone conversation, ”Perkins wrote.

Only later did Perkins realize that in such a situation one should feel offended. He didn’t handle his emotions during a live broadcast when he and Stephen A. Smith and other colleagues discussed accusations of betrayal by the Nets star.

“I was one of the first to complain to the owners of the NBA about the statements and actions in connection with what is happening in the United States. It happened after a one and a half-hour conversation with Danny Ainge. So it needless to say anything about betrayal to me. We are the only black family in our community. You don’t know what I have to deal with in life, “Perkins said.

So who offended whom? Opinions in the NBA community began to diverge. The situation is ambiguous.

“Kevin Durant is the last person in the League who can call someone a traitor. Moving from Oklahoma to Golden State? That was the definition of the word “betrayal,” said Colin Cowherd, a well-known journalist.

Brooklyn forward Wilson Chandler reacted to the situation. He responded with a tweet aimed at Perkins. “Former players turn into losers right before our eyes on television,” Chandler wrote.

What do you guys say? Who do you think should apologize? Durant or Perkins?

What do you think?


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