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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Buy a Baseball Team.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Buy a Baseball Team
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The Popstar and ex-baseball player got engaged the previous year. They had planned to hold a wedding ceremony but had to postpone it due to the pandemic. However, the couple found something to do so as not to get bored. The recent news shocked their fans –Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez buy a baseball team.

Ex-baseball Player

Alex Rodriguez left baseball four years ago. He played seven seasons for the Seattle Mariners, three seasons for the Texas Rangers, and twelve seasons for the New York Yankees.

Where Did This Idea Come from?

“We had a virtual meeting with our team. We just discussed what the next 12 months will look like, and so far we have three or four options for the development of events. This is such a changing world. Usually, when you make plans for a year, you never think that everything will stop as it is now,” Alex shared in an interview.

What Are They up to?

One says that the couple plans to acquire the New York Mets baseball team, whose cost is estimated at almost three million dollars. Besides, Rodriguez himself expressed such an idea in the press. The couple decided to cooperate with JPMorgan Chase to attract capital.

Strange Decision

Many fans of the star couple were surprised at their desire to buy the New York Mets because Lopez and Rodriguez have always supported the New York Yankees. First, Alex played for them for many years.  Second, Jennifer was born in the Bronx, where the team is based.

Potential Purchase

The team belongs to the Wilpon family. They announced in December that it was negotiating the sale of 80% of the club to one of the shareholders for $ 2.6 billion.  It is unknown so far whether Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez still want to buy this baseball team. However, no agreement has been reached so far.

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