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Athletes from Other Sports Who Could Shine in Baseball.

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The Opening Day is in the drifting state of being indefinitely postponed due to COVID-19, so we decided to take a look at prominent athletes from different sports and fantasize about their potential baseball careers.

Usain Bolt

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Likely the most obvious (hence the first one) pick is the lightning-fast Usain Bolt. Currently holding three world records in sprinting, he is the perfect candidate for the position of a pinch-runner.

Really, who else would you hypothetically put on a position that is specifically tailored for quick feet? If he learned to read pitchers, the potential excitement from his participation could easily bring back the good old times of Terrance Gore.

Rafael Nadal

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Not only is Rafael Nadal one of the most fruitful tennis players of all time with 19 (!) Grand Slam victories, but he might be a very intriguing hitter as well. 

His backhand is two-handed, which is exactly the practice one needs for baseball. In tennis, balls fly at a much higher speed as well (~160 mph vs ~100 mph), which gives Rafa an advantage of precision. We shouldn’t disregard his absurd physicality and movement as well. 

The thing that makes us believe in a successful sport transition is the fact that Nadal used to play soccer in high school. At one point, it was an alternative to his tennis career. So he’s got the chops for different sports, that’s for sure.

Patrick Mahomes

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A son of a former professional baseball player Pat Mahomes, the 2019 Super Bowl MVP was quite serious about the game during high school. Among his achievements are a 16-strikeout no-hitter and an impressive ~94 mph fastball. 

In 2014, he was even drafted by the Detroit Tigers, which was an official invite to join the MLB – but the strong-armed Patrick declined and subsequently proceeded to build an epic football career. 


In light of the recent events, imagination is all we have left to entertain ourselves. It is exciting to conjure up fascinating rosters that will only exist in our heads, but it’s not quite as exhilarating as watching real teams compete. 

What are your favorite candidates for baseball positions from other sports? Try to impress us!

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