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Top 3 Underdog Teams in Baseball History.

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Top 3 Underdog Teams in Baseball History.
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Everyone loves a good comeback story, right? We certainly do – and so do baseball fans who, throughout history, have had the privilege to witness bizarre and wonderful things. Let’s dive in and explore the three most exciting (and certainly unexpected) underdog teams in Baseball History.

New York Mets – 1969

It’s 1969, and you’re one of the Mets, starting the season for a team that didn’t achieve anything higher than ninth place, which was second to last overall, in the seven seasons that it had. You are feeling particularly optimistic.

Well, neither did anyone else. When the team started picking up confident wins in the division, nobody really took that into consideration. When the Mets won the division 100-62, everyone still didn’t take it seriously.

But after the team had defeated the Atlanta Braves 3-0 and then went on to crush the Baltimore Orioles, people started calling New York Mets “Miracle Mets”. It was, indeed, an inexplicable miracle.

Chicago White Sox – 1906

The season of 1906 was not the most statistically flawless for the Chicago White Sox. They hit .230 with a total of seven home runs (as a team, mind you). 

The Pale Hose was about to play a game against the Cubs, a team that, to this day, holds the record for their 116-36 win rate. Needless to say, there wasn’t much hope. 

And yet, with what seemed like two impossible eight-run games, the White Sox crushed the Cubs. And that was with their third baseman’s batting average of .183! 

The Sox managed to win the American League pennant and then proceeded to win a World Series as well. 

Cincinnati Reds – 1990

Although the Reds were not having the most disappointing season ever, their standing against the Oakland A’s was unfavorable, to say the least. 

They finished the previous season in fifth place out of six, while the A’s were coming in as reigning World Champions. Not to mention the 12-game win difference at the time of the game.

Well, all the negative force seems to have created a powerful source of energy, because the Cincinnati Reds completely demolished the Oakland A’s. Not only did they win, but they kept the opponent from scoring a single run after the third inning – in all of the games!


What might seem improbable on paper is often just a playground for the universe’s whim. The fans do seem to love such unprecedented turns, and we only hope for more powerful performances that come out of nowhere. 

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