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A children’s educator and a fan of Friends – hockey players beyond the ice rink.

 hockey players beyond the ice
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NHL hockey players beyond the ice. Today in our weekly section we will talk about John Tavares and Connor McDavid.

“You’re trying to leave this world better than when you came in it.”

Few people know that the famous NHL hockey player simply adores children. Not only that, but he is also ready to be a volunteer in his spare time, helping children with special needs. «For several years I helped with special needs classes, and I just like being with these children and their attitude, their enthusiasm, and joy in life every day. You understand, especially when I was in high school, how lucky you are, and you see these children and how grateful they are for everything. I’m glad I could be part of something like that. » said Tavares. The hockey player participated in the charity game of NHL stars. All proceeds from ticket sales went to the NEO Kids Foundation. The event is designed to raise funds and raise awareness about the expansion of the pediatric outpatient center in Greater Sudbury. “It shows what kind of person he is, and obviously who he is, and what he stands for so that a guy like him would come up and want to help, says a lot about him as a great person.” – this is the opinion of Nick Foligno about Tavares.

“I’m watching this series for the third time, she’s always in trouble in this place!”

 hockey players beyond the ice
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This quote successfully describes Connor McDavid and his love for Friends. He was once asked if there were any facts about your life that no one knew about. And the hockey player replied: Well, I’m a fan of Friends. And it turned out to be true! Connor remembers every episode of this wonderful series. And all because the famous hockey player is constantly watching this serial with his brother. They have all the seasons on DVD and watch each episode several times. And if you want to compete with McDavid in the knowledge of the series, we think you don’t have a chance to win!

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