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NHL stars beyond the ice.

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Today, within our weekly section, we will talk about NHL stars beyond the ice. What is an unusual feature of Sidney Crosby? What does Patric Kane have a passion for?

Why is Sidney Crosby compared to Jay Lo?

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Crosby’s Nick List is not limited to the infamous Sid the Kid and The Next One. For his hairstyle, the partners awarded him with the nicknames Three Beard and Zorro. Even more interesting is the nickname “The  Creature”. The Pittsburgh captain was awarded the title for being too big of a jerk.

“Crosby’s buttocks would be the envy of Jennifer Lopez. His thigh was wider than my torso. All of his pants are made to order, ” TSN reviewer James Dati wrote in his book.

Not only does Sid have hockey nicknames – Sister Taylor trolls her brother with the nickname Old Soul. He has neither a twitter nor an Instagram, beyond Crosby’s ice he doesn’t look a bit like a millionaire and a major NHL star.

Hooliganism and booze of Patrick Kane

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It first started back in 2009 on August 9th, Patrick and his cousin, James, were arrested on suspicion of causing the physical harm to a taxi driver. Drunken Kane did not agree with the taxi driver about the payment of fares, which resulted in a completely farcical situation. Patrick and James Kane were found guilty of non-criminal misconduct and they were ordered to apologize to the driver.  They refused to do it at first and were fined $ 125,000.

In May 2013, Patrick again got into an unpleasant situation. There were photos on the Internet of Kane at a party in Wisconsin where he was very drunk. At that point, for the Blackhawks, this ceased to be the jokes and antics of the still-young boy, even the superstar. An alarming call came: “We hope he will move forward. But he has to decide for himself.”

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