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NFL Holds Virtual 2020 Draft

Virtual 2020 Draft
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The coronavirus pandemic has caused the world of sports to made adjustments. However, the NFL does not intend to give up and has already held a virtual draft this weekend. Which, by the way, had been planned before all this. However, this year it was a special event because it was done remotely. Let’s see how the NFL virtual draft went?

New Records

Interestingly, Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke not from the stage, but from home sitting in a comfortable armchair. Who cares. Subsequently, the main thing is to feel comfortable.  Nevertheless, the commissioner had warned earlier that all the employees would work from home through telecommunications. Therefore, this time not a single person was at headquarters or club facilities.

By the way, the draft 2020 set a record. The first round of the draft was watched by 15.6 million viewers. The previous year these figures were 37% less. For example, the first round of the draft gained only about 11 million viewers last year. For that matter, the previous record was set in 2014, in early May, around 12 million watched the NFL draft.

Who Are the Draft Picks?

Three rounds passed in the first two days of the draft. The number one NFL virtual draft pick was Joe Barrow, who was chosen by The Cincinnati Bengals. Meanwhile, the next two were 21-year-old Chase Young (as defensive for The Washington Redskins) and 21-year-old Jeff Okuda (as a cornerback for the Detroit Lions).

Interestingly, that forecasts that the current generation of receivers may go down in history have turned out to be true. Anyway, it is a half-truth.  In short, in the first two rounds of the draft, 13 receivers were chosen. The previous record was 12 receivers chosen in the 2014 draft, where, among others, the future ProBowlers such as Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Davante Adams, and Jarvis Landry were chosen.

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