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It`s always been pleasant to watch the UFC champion crushing his enemies one by one, making his way to the Hall of Fame. However, it doesn`t always go as anticipated. One lucky shot and the UFC champion is on the canvas. The victory has slipped away from him, along with a chance at having a flawless career. Today we will tell you about 5 upsets in UFC history.

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm

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Ronda Rousey, with her record of 13 wins and 0 losses, was at her peak when in 2015 she met in the octagon the experienced kickboxer Holly Holm. The fans prophesied an easy win for Ronda. Yet, it didn`t come true.  The well-placed high-kick by Holly ended the fight and eventually ended Rousey`s spectacular UFC career.

Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

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Jose Aldo has been the UFC featherweight champion for 10 years and had an incredible 18-0 streak. His fight against prospect Conor McGregor promised to be tough and spectacular.  The long months of waiting and the tons of trash talk led to another exciting upset in UFC history. Invincible Jose Aldo was mown down by the perfect left-hand counter by McGregor within 13 seconds from the start. In the end, Scarface never reached his peak again.

Luke Rockhold vs Michael Bisping

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The first title defense of Luke Rockhold has become an example of how disregard can ruin a career. The swap took place for the champion title fight with Michael Bisping, who was accepted on short notice. The fight for the middleweight championship might have taken place differently if Rockhold wasn`t so blindly sure of his victory. His dreams were crushed by the lucky left hand by Bisping. Maybe, Rockhold will learn how to hold his hands up but his 1-3 record isn`t promising for now.

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz

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And we are back to the notorious Conor McGregor. His underestimation of the Stockton gangster, Nate Diaz, ends up with a fabulous loss by submission. Conor`s devastating punches were beautiful but energy-consuming. Nate Diaz, in turn, is famous for his stamina. This led to one more incredible UFC upset by the chokehold in the second round of their first fight.

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman

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Number 1 pound-for-pound fighter for many years, Brazilian miracle Anderson Silva was another tremendous fighter, whose Myay Thai was striking fear into the enemies` hearts.  Unfortunately, his domination ended in a very sad way. In his rematch against Chris Weidman, the Spider was landing his precise shots and nothing foretold of any troubles. Suddenly, Silva places the low-kick right into Weidman`s defense. We hear the snap and Silva falls down. His leg is broken, along with his glorious career.


Upsets are always unexpected, making fans talk about the recent fight for months and making more and more people love this fascinating sport.

Now you have already known about 5 UPSETS IN UFC HISTORY. You can also read about the Top 5 MMA Trash Talkers Who Couldn’t Back It Up.

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