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5 NBA Players with Unusual Hobbies

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Do you think that NBA basketball players spend all the time doing workouts? Have you ever considered if they dream of basketball games while sleeping? It turns out that basketball players, like ordinary people, have their own hobbies, unrelated to basketball, and even sports. Here 5 NBA Players with Unusual Hobbies

In fifth place are Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Lin, big fans of computer games, like so many guys. Gordon Hayward even tried himself to be a professional player of League of Legends. Lin prefers classics like Dota.

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Chris Paul is in fourth place. The basketball player enjoys bowling. He became interested in while still in high school. Paul`s parents gave him a unique Christmas present – a ball painted in retro colors of the ABA (red-white-blue). In such a way, his two biggest passions were combined in the one ball.  Chris Paul’s record is 256 points.

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In third place are the Lopez brothers. Both are fans of comics and buy them in huge quantities. Well, this is also a very serious occupation. In a way, why not? The priority is to have fun.

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And now let us move on to more exotic hobbies. In second place is Jose Calderon, who is passionate about raising pigs. However, it is a big business that makes a profit. According to the point guard, he not only controls the process but also personally comes to check up on everything on his farm in Spain.

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Finally, the first place goes to Marc Gasol. This guy grows his own vegetables and fruits. Mark painstakingly cares for cucumbers, watermelons, zucchini, apples, pears, melons, plums, figs, pumpkins, and cherries. Moreover, he always has healthy food at hand. Last but not least, this garden helped Gasol to change his attitude about nutrition, diet, and health. Of course, you are what you eat.

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