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Boxer, party-goer and tattooed weatherman – basketball players in real life.

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We will continue our weekly section – Basketball Players outside of sports.

Today we will tell you about Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Durant, and James Harden. And some unique facts about them.

What connection does Kevin Durant and the weather have? Who is the most party-goer among basketball players? You’ll find out about it here.

“Shaq Vs.”  is an American reality show produced by ABC. It stars NBA player Shaquille O’Neal. He claimed the title of “greatest sportsman” and challenged many of the best athletes in their perspective sports. Shaq competed with Charles Barkley, Justin Bieber, and many other famous people. But most importantly, the basketball player fulfilled his big dream. He tried boxering! Boston Celtics center, Shaquille O’Neal,  sparred with Shane Mosley. The sportsmen held a five-round match, following which Mosley won by a 48:47 score. Earlier, Shaquille fought with Oscar de la Hoya, where he unanimously lost.

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Kevin Durant’s two main passions are tattoos and weather forecasts. Interest in meteorology arose in childhood and remains to this day. His sneakers line sports a stylized Doppler radar image used in meteorology, and the phrase “trust the forecasters.” Durant has many tattoos. But not all of them are visible. They were once called “business tattoos” because the forward avoided getting them in open areas of the body. But they cover his stomach, back, and now his legs. Kevin has images of musicians Rick James and Tupac Shakur on his feet, a Maryland sign across his back, the logo of the Washington Nationals baseball team, a small triangle on his wrist, and a Bible quote on his back. At first, the quote had a grammatical error, but it has been corrected.

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The most famous basketball player who loves parties is James Harden, of course. “James is a great partner to have fun with together,” said Harden’s former partner from Houston. “ We often have fun until four or five in the morning, even on game day. I witnessed him score 30 points in a game after waking up at five o’clock in the evening. “

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Next time we will continue to talk about famous basketball players outside of sports.

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