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Vince Carter: “I have no trouble realizing that the game against the Knicks could be the last in my career.”

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The shooting guard of the Atlanta Hawks, Vince Carter, has quite possibly played the last game in his career. In an NBA regular-season game against the New York Knicks, Carter came on as a late substitute. The 43-year-old veteran was noted for a three-point shot. All this happened after the information about the suspension of the season due to the coronavirus pandemic was given, but the teams decided to play the game out. The Knicks were ahead, so no one bothered to stop Carter when Trae Young passed the ball to him.

Even the rivals recognized the importance of this moment. It’s no wonder that fans at Madison Square began to chant in unison, “We want Vince!”, demanding to let Carter play.

 The game ended in a victory for the Knicks with a score of 136: 131. Thus, Vince failed to impact on the final score. The moment was both emotional and sad. No one wants Carter to end his career due to the coronavirus. Vince Carter says, “I feel that the previous game may be the last in my career. However, I am already pleased with it. If the season resumes, it will be great.”

Vince is the first player in NBA history to play in four decades. He also set an NBA record for the number of seasons played. Carter has not played for a one-and-only team, like Kobe Bryant or Dirk Nowitzki. But that did not prevent Vince from winning respect. He managed to play against superstars of different historical eras – Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Dončić, and many others.

It is unclear whether he will have the possibility to play further. Everything will depend on the situation in the world. The fact remains that Carter has already managed to succeed. The ability to play the end of the season would be a great opportunity for him to enjoy the game.

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